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Railjack Captain's Observations

(XBOX)Beowulf Tyr

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So I love the Railjack and I spent countless hours building mine from scratch. It was the Railjack that brought me to Warframe in the first place. When I started the game my big picture goal was to pilot a Railjack. In fact I started a lone wolf ghost clan to build a dojo with a drydock with the expressed purpose of jumping into my own Railjack. Running around as a space Ninja was just a means to an end. 

Proudly I met my goal and now I can stand proudly on the bridge of my Railjack with my loyal crew, thanks to Ticker, ready to obey my salty commands. So off we go and our first mission is flawless. I have decked us out with the best equipment I could build and salvage. We kick ass! There is debris everywhere, the enemy is screaming for assistance. Their pathetic attempts to board our ship is met with fire and fury. Cy is cocky about exploding enemy crew ships and the cargo hold is filling up. We win the day and it is off to our next mission as I count the loot.

Then I notice, after all of that, we gained 1 Intrinsic. I need hundreds of those to max...what the $!#%#!@!

Then I remember, you are not rewarded experience by doing well, we learn from our mistakes and thus gain experience, if you survive. It was too easy.

Back at drydock I ordered the fancy hull plating removed and the new sparkly shields replaced with the old ones. Then I told my crew to pick up Omni Tools and arm themselves while leaving the guns alone.

The next mission was pure chaos; hull breaches, fires, boarding parties. Cy kept telling us we were moments from death! We barely survived, but we flew back to drydock with over 40 Intrinsic...that was more like it.

Warframe is a very interesting game.

"Define interesting?"

"Oh god, oh god, we're all going to die!"

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I did not know it worked this way. That’s awesome!

Also, fun story! Welcome to the Space Pirate Ninja fold   o7

You sound like a good captain 👍 . I love the “We’re walking the razors edge. Let’s not slip up” aspect that I can experience in Warframe

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