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Status/Pellet is not working correctly


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When using Vaykor Hek/Strun Wraith, I noticed that when I get a status proc, either ALL the pellets proc a status effect, or NONE do. It's an all or nothing thing based on the % chance per pellet. My Vaykor Hek has a base multishot of 25, which increases upward to over 30 pellets after triggering Galvanized Hell, with a 20% chance per pellet to proc a status. Mathematically it should be virtually impossible to not proc at least 1 status effect from a blast of my shotgun (20% chance on 30 rolls). And yet, about 4/5 of the time i get ZERO status effects applied.

Here is what I've observed. While the critical chance is individually calculated per pellet correctly, the status effects are being applied in an all or nothing fashion. Either i get 30 procs on my pellets or none. I don't believe this is intended. The warframe wiki itself is stating that each pellet calculates its own chance to proc but just from a few simple tests I know this is not the case. Either my Strun wraith and my Vaykor hek are suffering from specific bugs, or this is a widespread shotgun issue. My assumption here is the latter.

If you want to reproduce the bug, equip a vaykor hek with multishot mods, and bump the status up to 15-25%, and go shoot enemies and take notice of whether some or all of your pellets proc status effects.

P.S. There are really no good tags for bugs like this.

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As someone that uses tigirs sancti as main weapon I have not encounted that at all, anway I also tried with Vaykor Hek, with 18 multishot and 20% status chance in simulacrum, I have not seem this either, a couple of time I did have a 0 status effect, but most of time I was getting 2-5 effects.

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