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RAILJACK - Can't use TACTICAL MENU when piloting/turrets/forward_artillery


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I'm not sure when this bug began, but I've tried everything to get rid of it including the following:

1. Reinstall the game.

2. Verify the game.

3. Optimize the game.

4. Set all settings to default.


I'm pretty sure it's not intended because I can still see the KeyTip for Tactical Menu on the screen as I'm piloting.

To my surprise not all players have this bug, and since reinstalling the game didn't work it makes me believe it's account related.

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Searching for a solution, I found somewhat weird that most people, like you, had an issue that was the exact opposite of mine. I'm not sure if it helped me or not, but either way, what I noticed is that actually, this is not a bug, it's just that in the general key bindings, the "tactical menu" is only for when you're NOT pilot or gunner, and in the railjack key bindings, the "tactical menu" is only for when you ARE pilot or gunner. So you just have to check both.

I'm not sure why this is so, but it should be changed, or at the very least warn the player (the one in railjack can allow to use a key that we usually use for something else, so I'm not saying it should be removed. But maybe something like the option to melee attack with the fire button could be added instead of having an action split in two and hidden in two different places)

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