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Light of the Orokin is recruiting for the first time!


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Looking for active PS4/PS5 members to join our small clan. Looking for 18+. We are based in EST. LGBTQ+ friendly. Discord is our main form of communication. Please read on to see if we fit what you are looking for!


We are a small group of friends who came from other clans to form our own as we always felt left behind, as a clique would form, and we would get pushed out.  We play many games together including Destiny and Warframe, and we are looking for active members to add to our little family. We are a ghost clan currently but can expand based on how big our family becomes!

If you are shy or worried about joining a clan and getting lost in all the members, this is the clan for you. We are all introverts, and we believe you don’t need to play alone just because you are quiet(Or too chatty). Many games are hard to play solo and we hope to resolve this issue for ourselves and our new members! We make sure all are heard and respected. We have zero tolerance on any form of racist remarks. Every new member will have a chance to speak with myself personally to see if we are a good fit for you.


If you feel like a match with the criteria above, please follow the instructions below so we can reach out to you! 


Have a great day, and if you have made it this far, we are excited to hear from you!


Please copy and fill in the below template to be considered, anyone who does NOT send in the form will NOT be considered. 


Discord ID (Or PSN, so we can contact you) ---- 

Confirm over 18 (if missed above, we are an 18+ group, no exceptions) ----

What time zone are you in? (We are based out of EST but we have some folks from the west coast as well) ----

Preferred Pronouns (as we have members of all walks of life we want to make sure we address you appropriately) ----

Mic Friendly, yes or no? (We always hope members applying will be comfortable with being on mic so we can get to know you better, but, if you are shy, that’s fine too. Feel free to join us in chat either way!) ----

Tell us a little bit about you, why are you a perfect fit for our group (feel free to let us know what other games besides Warframe you are a fan of or what you might want to do in Warframe that we can help you with) ----


Please send the completed template to lightoftheorokin@gmail.com If selected you will be contacted via discord (Dante_42) or PSN  



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