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Suggestion For Corpus Lazerbeams On Doors And Security System


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as we all know, shooting the security cameras to shut down lazer beams in corpus colonies isnt very realistic 
as the lazer beams should remain intact once intruders are detected, considering it's a technology 328477823248329 years ahead into the future.

my idea would make shutting down the beams just alittle bit harder, but it would be realistic for billion years into the future security system standards.

basically instead of shooting the security cameras to shut down the beams there should be some sort of power fuse that is shootable/hackable next to or near every door. and shooting cameras only makes you blind to the turrets.

this idea is in DeadSpace2, as you need to shoot/hit power fuses next to certain doors to unlock them

this is a screen shot of a power fuse from dead space

i would like to see this applied in warframe for the lazer beams


you could make them hackable through the system, like hacking lock down, but instead you hack the system to malfunction or shut down the lazer beam security system, turrets, and cameras for a certain period of time, or until a corpus crewman/tech makes their way to a hacking console and reactivates the security system.

like i said, abit more difficult and complicated, but also more realistic and challenging.

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That'd be cool, maybe a control room for the stealth players where they have to hack specific systems in control rooms, turning some cameras off?


Also for sabotage, they should have to camera's off, as the power supply went off too.

if they make a specific room for hacking, it'll be hell trying to get to it to hack the system as all security obstacles will be working all the way,

i would rather be able to hack the security system through the consoles distributed all around the ship, and it should be harder and more complicated than hacking doors and lockdowns.

and for the sabotage part, the power doesnt have to go off in sabotage since the power supply doesnt instantly run out once we destroy the reactor or whatever they're replacing the reactor with in the new upcoming sabotage.

after the sabotage is done, the alarms are still going, emergency lights working, oxygen levels and life support on the ship arent affected, 

therefore the power is still running and the security system should not be compromised,


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