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Nidus Changes


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Honestly Nidus right now isn't so bad but its weird that I know know him more as the curbstomp frame than the infested one. His 1 and 2 are great and do what they need to do fairly well. Mutation stacks are cool too but feel a bit lacking since they only really change his 1 other than that its a resource that barely used for his 3,4 and passive. Personally these make nidus feel lackluster. So I'd like to offer some teaks specifically to his 3,4 and P.

His 3) What I hate about this ability is the hoops you have to jump through just make it feel super clunky, first you need to spend a mutation stack which is fine cost 0 energy so should cost something but the range you have to stay within is weird for teammates and tethers you for enemies. With Max range this is alleviated because you know can be within ~100m of an ally and ~40m of  an enemy makes it much nicer. But the biggest thing I hate is you gotta choose either being tankier or helping deal more dmg which most the time you go tank cause its the only thing that helps nidus survive better due to his low health pool. 1 last thing that makes it feel meh is it feels so generic with just a icky skin but its pretty much just like Trin Link and Shadow of the dead Aug only the ally link feels special since its a multiplicative for Power Strength and Damage(which can reach to about 100% with the right build).

How do we fix this skill to make it more fleshed out. Nidus now latches onto his target giving bonuses to them while splitting the dmg between the 2 targets. For Allies this could be used to help protect and empower them. For enemies this would be a Mind Control effect but the player gets to still control the body shoot guns and move on his own. In both uses Nidus can still use his abilities while attached with them emanating from the target, you could even still let nidus use a 2ndary (have a tendril pop out holding the gun if you want). This solves the the range issue and still makes nidus tanky by using enemy hp or hopping onto a friendly rhino to help heal back up after getting hit one to many times. For soloist you could even let nidus merge with his companion so you could play a kavat or kubrow just for fun. This feels much more "infesty" in my opinion as they tend to take things over for themselves to control (ie chargers and runners)

His 4) this thing is just eh 20hp/s is nice 40s is good 8m static is passable the maggots are laughable only when the latch onto something and you stomp do they pose any threat at any level and with max range they will explode in 10m and the explosion dmg is scaled with stacks. But there is 2 giant problems with the explosions. 1 They probably already died to a stomp and if they didn't then you are at low stacks but if you at low stacks then you cant cast your 4 so its in this niche spot of like 5-15 stacks where the explosion is useful since it does grant stacks. 2 the AoE is nice but useless because of 2, why hit everyone with 10m when you can just hit everyone in ~30m with a stomp anyways? Honestly its not bad just its covered by 1 and 2 already. will give it credit tho it is "Infesty" feeling.

How to fix. I feel going in one direction is way better then going down 2 paths. Either focus on the healing or focus on the maggots. the other thing is it should be an aura that follows nidus (he infested he can spawn maggots or spew healing spores). this would also be great for the revised 3 since the aura would always hit the ally target or make a maggot hive of an enemy. This ability could also be scraped entirely for a completely different skill but i feel it fits the theme just needs some numbers and QoL added back into it. 

His passive is so themamtic but the rewards are kinda boring (except the visual changes they stay always 10/10) but extra dmg and if you die you don't rly, meh. Small fixes have each stack give him passive stats like every 1 stack can give him 1% multiplicative dmg to everything (this lets him run and gun still) or maybe just defensive stats like armor or max hp just something that makes it seem like HE is growing stronger no just his 1. ! last thing his 3 would give the bonus to his target as well so going with the multi dmg example your ally you are attached to would also do more dmg. 

These changes would make Nidus more of an aggressive tank/support someone that could help squishier frames stay trucking or stealing bodies to use as his own shield. These are rough ideas with no concrete numbers just more a theme to get behind to make nidus have a more diverse playstyle than just curbstomp all the foes. Have fun good luck tenno thank you for reading if you even got this far

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My perfect nidus would see his 3 turn into a offensive and defensive buff, but handled like grendel where you absorb an enemy, while the enemy is inside nidus it gives him a offensive buff, damage reduction and increases the passive healing. His 4 I love as it helps the team and it gives crowd control but I agree it makes him fairly static. Love his 2 as well...but his 1 feels very weird cause it only works with his 2 if larva happens to be low enough to get hit...and when you can stick larva anywhere it just feels off...

I believe his 1 could be done as the same ability, but animation wise have a infested tendril shoot from his arm rather than a ground attack and since the 3 won't have the second line, you can have the tendrils chain to other enemies instead...that way you always get the max energy back from your 1 and 2...honestly if they just did this as a augment it would be sweet and I wouldent touch anything else .....his 1 being so immobile and grounded is just the opposite of larva that it's hard to imagine that they were supposed to work together.

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Long time fan of our resident nasty boy here.

At his core, Nidus will always be a caster frame. There is no changing that, and his 1 is his best ability for the sole reason of it scaling STUPIDLY off max stacks. (Making him properly lethal if he survives a long time in hard content)

Now here's the REAL issue Nidus struggles with... He does not play nice with any other frame. His mutation stack system is extremely selfish, and I'm not even talking about the buff it gives him. Nidus has absolutely no way to gain stacks if allies kill enemies. "Big deal" a lot of non-Nidus players will say, but it is actually a big deal. An extremely big deal.

Nidus is literally nothing without his stacks. At 0 stacks, when he's downed, he dies. At 0 stacks, his Virulence is pitifully weak. At 0 stacks, he cannot use his Parasitic Link, so he cannot damage share or power boost anyone. At 0 stacks, he cannot use his 4, so he can't heal and deal extra chip damage + a damage boost for popping his maggots.

Where the playerbase goes wrong - horribly, horribly wrong - is a lot of people think the way to go about buffing him is to change his 4 into more of a pet frame type deal... If Nidus becomes a pet frame, he will become dead to DE. DE has proven many, many, many, many, many, many, MANY times that they hate pet classes. Inaros's Devour is extremely slow and S#&$ty. Nekro's 4 has been hard capped to 7. Revenant's Thralls are virtually useless and get griefed so much you can't even use his augment for it, not to mention they don't mesh with his kit in the slightest.

What Nidus NEEDS is some way to gain stacks when in a party. This can be solved VERY easily by making it so Parasitic Link can give him mutation stacks. Which can be handled easily: When on an enemy, every time the affected enemy takes a certain amount of shared damage, Nidus gains X charges. When on an ally, that ally's kills give him X charges. Easy,  makes his 3 worth keeping up 24/7, contributes to Undying, and beefs up his 1. Everybody wins!

His 2 could also use some QoL, just make it so Larva Burst is inherent to Larva. I'd rather not have to use 2 augments to maximize Nidus, but christ being able to pop his Larva is useful. Also maybe make it so enemies killed in his Larva have a chance of giving Nidus a stack charge regardless of who kills it. Doesn't have to be every single time, but it'd be nice and help other players grief Nidus less, because people treat Larva exactly like Vauban's Vortex, meaning people will run up to it and start just killing everything, which robs Nidus of his chance of getting any stacks. And people will ALWAYS do it, because they refuse to learn otherwise.

So to summarize:

- Enemies under Parasitic Link give stack charges when a certain damage threshold is hit (threshold affected by strength)

- Allies under Parasitic Link give stack charges when they kill something

- Larva can be popped without the augment

- Enemies killed by anyone/anything while affected by Larva have a chance to give Nidus a stack charge.

Makes his passive actually reasonably manageable in party play, almost completely stops players from griefing Nidus, and doesn't turn him into Dead Pet Frame #4 so DE will still have a reason to care about him.

If you wanna make him even stronger, maybe make it so holding his 4 mass detonates ALL active maggots on the field, similar to how Virulence detonates any maggots it hits.

Buffs to his passive would be nice, but it's more important imo to make it so he doesn't get griefed by literally any other player 24/7.

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never mind xbox browser flipping hates me wasdfjkl;

hold to cast the original
tap to cast a duration-based virulence that seeks out enemies, which also adds an additional virulence path for every enemy hit; lasts 2/3/4/5 seconds
on impact w/ a maggot, virulence pops it like before. but now, the maggot creates a "maggot mark" when it's popped. see Ravenous for more.
+ gives Virulence the ability to snipe from corners and not have to go everywhere just to cast a single ability
+ increased damage in synergy with Ravenous

poppable w/o augment
functions normally when outside of Ravenous
inside of a Ravenous instance, Larva has a doubled range and pulls enemies into the current Ravenous you're standing in. maggots from other Ravenous instances will swarm to your current Ravenous when there is a Larva active.
+ still functions normally, making it a cool bread and butter with revamped Virulence
+ creates synergy with Ravenous

Parasitic Link
functions normally
on attach with enemy, creates a zone of healing for allies from your passive regen (scales with power strength) while giving you up to 90% damage redirection
on attach with ally, grants multiplicative power strength buff alongside sharing your passive stat boosts with the ally while giving the both of you up to 90% damage reduction; with ally attach, duration is now reliant on link health rather than duration. link health and ally buffs are both affected by power strength, link health is affected by healing abilities such as Ravenous, Blessing, Renewal, Titania's Upsurge, etc.
+ grants ally buffs that everyone has been asking for
+ keeps tankiness
+ makes him a viable support frame

recastable, up to 4 simultaneous instances of Ravenous
holding pops all active maggots and refunds energy based on how many maggots were active

on maggot burst, triggerable by casting Virulence on maggots or holding down Ravenous, maggots attached to enemies proc "Maggot Mark". for 8 seconds, removes armor/shield and procs separate viral debuff on enemies. kills within Ravenous increase the duration by 5 seconds per kill.
+bonus energy refund w/o using energy
+ increased damage potential in synergy with Virulence + Larva


kere was here aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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