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What should I get first when operation plague star returns?



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Whatever you don't have yet that you can't get anywhere else.

  • Edit: Ghoul Saw if it's from Nakak's shop (as pointed out above)
  • BPs for Plague Zaw parts
  • 10x Exodia Contagion (great) and 10x Exodia Epidemic (meh)
  • Sacrifice and Fulmination (there is a Primed version now)
  • Plague Star Emblem
  • BPs for Snipetron and Ether Daggers (also available at Simaris and the Stolen Dreams quest)
  • Forma

Sentrium, Nyth, and fish parts are all skippable unless you have an immediate need for them. Fosfors can be skipped entirely.

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I plan to get forma, ghoul saw, forma, zaw bits, forma, cosmetics, forma, ship decorations, forma, the zaw arcanes if I have surplus standing, ...more forma... did I mention the ghould saw yet?


I'm actually reluctant to get the special zaw arcanes because DE nerfed one of them (or both? citation needed) and I'm quite happy with Exodia Force.

...did I mention getting formas already? I'm going to get lots of formas! 😻

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23 minutes ago, VoidArkhangel said:

The big freaking saw, last time we had plague star we could buy almost infinite formas but iirc the devs said they were going to remove it from the event so dont get excited about formas just yet.

I thought I no longer needed to farm them😔

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