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hace 5 minutos, VNGZ6661 dijo:

Is it possible to get the same riven like about 4 times in a row? I mean its very rarely to get the same weapon riven just by playing daily sorties

Rivens for the same category? yes, unlikely but yes

Rivens for the same weapon? its more likely to win the lottery 2 times

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On my PC account: 3 Cyanex rivens, 2 Mutalist Cernos rivens, 2 Hirudo rivens, 2 Pyrana rivens.

On my PS4 account: 4 Ignis rivens, 3 Amprex rivens, 3 Korrudo rivens.

On my mother's PS4 account: 4 Quartakk rivens...


So yes, RNG is not very random! It's like the MacDonald's Monopoly game where you could never complete the entire board unless you were a world traveller (because the stickers were grouped to local areas).

I think I got two of the Amprex rivens in a row. I don't remember, it's a blur.

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