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Focus and Energy


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I have been playing Warframe on Playstation almost since the day it came out and love everything about it, but their is one thing I wish would be slightly improved would be the focus trees. Zenurik is never a requirement but it definitely feels a lot stronger then the other trees due to its energy regen for warframes and its extremely hard to pass up that opportunity. I would like to propose an idea that would generally improve other trees and make them more viable by having their own small ways to regenerate energy based on their strengths.

Madurai- Since the point of this tree is based on damage and doing as much of it as possible I was thinking an energy gain based on damage dealt or energy gain many enemy kills. It could be something like gain energy bases on .1 percent of damage done or every 10 enemies killed grants 25 energy or such. 

Vazarin- This one is a bit tricky since it specializes in healing, but I would think you would gain energy based on health and shields regenerated for teamates. The value would be determined on 1 to 1 basis so every one health healed to your teamate would be 1 energy. It could also be applied to your own warframe but at half or even less then half the efficiency.

Naramon- This would be under a similar concept to Madurai where a certain amount of melee kills would generate energy or it could also be melee critical generate energy. This would coincide with its current abilities on increasing critical chance and melee affinity.

Unairu- I was thinking a rage type of effect for void spines would be a strong idea to make it more viable. An example would be for every 100 damage reflected you would generate 1 energy or for damage to energy conversion of 10 percent.

Zenurik- I wouldn't change anything about it. The post of this thread isn't to make zenurij obsolete but rather provide ways to make the other trees more appealing. The energy gain from other trees would all require specific ways to do it whole zenuriks would be a flat reliable way to gain energy.

These were just thoughts I had going through my head at the time and would love to hear from everyone on what they think. Do you think the other trees could benefit from something like this? If so what kind of values would you give to them? Feedback would be much appreciated.

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Y'see the thing is with the proposal here is that the conditions youre asking for are passives, compared to zenuriks active ability which also only lasts its full duration of energy if you stay in the circle. I do like the suggestions, numbers will need to be tweaked given frames like volt give easy overshields etc. But i think were you to compete with zenurik fairly theyd have to be operator abilities. Eg naramon giving energy to allies while in voidmode. Madurai letting you amp shoot enemies to restore energy, unairu giving you energy regen when operator gets hit, vasarin giving an energy restore blast instead of void blast. Of course these sorta things would be busted but the operator + warframe synergy is sorta the whole point. 

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I reckon we just need to toss the energy system in its entirety, all it adds to the game is the number of steps it takes to effectively remove it.

We don't even need cooldowns to offset it, just slap diminishing returns on stuff like CC, better stealth detection for Invisibility, and kryptonites for Invincibility.

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