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I am begging you, please...


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Please, please, please, allow us to choose anolog or digital movements when controlling Archwings. They used to be one of my favourite things in the game, now it's just MASSIVELY ANNOYING. (Still my favourite game). When the movement changed (just for those people who couldn't get the hang of it) it ruined it for those of us who CAN play. Not to be insulting, it's just more natural for some people. Just make it optional. There are already a good number of control options in the menu, is it possible to add this?

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I think you might need to wait for this fabled Archwing Overhaul they're planning on doing. At least, that's what I've decided to wait for. Because I don't get motion sick and the freedom of movement was something I loved... But I'm also practical and know DE are not bothering to fix things that currently aren't broken.

If you remember, there was talk of Modular Archwings and actually removing the dedicated Archwing nodes (to replace them with missions that began in Railjack and you then had to continue with Archwing, we presume). This was supposed to come with updates to how Archwing worked, all new abilities and archwing types...

But I believe that's on the back burner until after The New War.

If you're going to get your six-degrees-of-freedom back, it's most likely going to be then.

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On 2021-08-31 at 2:54 AM, LuckyCharm said:

Did you turn experimental mode on in the options? Or have they since changed that too? My archwing seems to function as normal

I've never seen that option before. Looked many times for an option that will change flight back to the smooth aerodynamic curves it used to follow, no luck. Just jerky straight up & down, sharp angles, etc. If you started playing this year or last, you may not have seen the old way.

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