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Having some massive technical issues, in need of assistance!


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Hello fellow Tenno!

I am in need of assitance after suffering a myriad of technical problems. Hoping this may reach the eyes of someone with more tech knowledge than myself. 

I've been playing WF on my current setup for years with no issues. Then, a few months ago, I started getting sudden CTD bugs without warning. Sometimes I can cntrl+alt+del my way out, but sometimes, it requires a full computer restart. This has persisted for months, and I am always to be greeted with the now classic, Hardware Failure screen upon log in. (https://www.warframe.com/hardwarefail) I've gone and followed every one of their steps. Most of the time, checking and if so, downloading the newest graphics card drivers will fix this, and I can go maybe a few months/weeks with no crashes. But then all of a sudden recently, I've been having really bad frame-rate drops. I play on near the highest settings, whichever gets me 1080p60fps. I'd suddenly have the game choke itself down to 5~7fps when it's normally a crisp 60. Then, as if only to taunt me further, the same CTD bug occurs. I check the drivers, but theyre updated. I follow every other step on the hardwarefail checklist but now just booting up the game causes it to run <10fps, and if it runs too long it eventually does a CTD. My final idea was maybe I need to clean out any dust in my PC. Bug still persists. I'm totally out of options. No idea how this is happening, does anyone have suggestions??

PC Specs: 

CPU: Intel i3-8100

GPU: nVidia GTX 1050ti

Hard drive: 2TB HDD (Installed in D: )

RAM: 32 Gb

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