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Computer Crashing


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I've a gaming computer, built about  years ago, that completly crashes while I play Warframe

This happens after a random amount of time (can be 10 minutes, or several hours), and at random moments of the game (in orbiter, in any mission type, and even in rare cases, during login screen) :

Screens (got 2) go completely black while the audio is still playing (can't interract with anything though), and after ~10 seconds, I also lose the audio, leaving me with a computer that is STILL running but on which I can't do anything besides restarting it manually (I'e already tried waiting few minutes before restarting but nothing happens).


I've already dealt with that issue when I received my PC and it got fixed by a simple Bios flash but this time that didn't help.

I've already been through everything suggested in the Diagnosing System Crash (all up to date, cleaned dust, no virus, no hardware nor software malfunction...)

Temperature may be quite high, average 75°C maxing out at ~85°C but that's the same for other big games and I only have this problem on specifically Warframe (I've even been running the stress test at max temperature for quite a long time and my PC handled it like it was nothing).


The vicious part of this bug is that, technically, nothing really crashes, my computer and, I assume, Warframe are still running. I'm the one shutting down my pc by hand, which leads to 0 crash report neither from windows nor Warframe... which could have helped understanding things...


I have this issue since months now and kinda run out of ideas so... any suggestion is welcome here.

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I am having a similar issue.  I have a HP Tower built for CAD with Windows 10 and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. 

The problem starts when playing multiplayer and the host leaves the squad or someone aborts during the load.  This is when the hard drive usage goes to 100% and memory usage is 80%-100%.  It cracks away until the game crashes.  I have started to restart the game after each multiplayer mission.  When I try to shutdown the game, there is a part of warframe that has to be manually shutdown with task manager.  It is as if, the game clones itself and the conflict is stuck on who is in the squad.  This issues ties up resources until the system crashes. 

If the game isn't restarted, the problem grows to total chaos.  At one point, I tried to start a survival mission on Venus and ended up loading into a bounty mission in the free roam part of Venus.  I haven't checked the machine for super large log files or any other issues that could cause this issue. 


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