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Railjack : stuck in tactical mode window


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Encountered a bug in a railjack mission, I was in duo with two bot crews. I was in pilot, opened tactical screen and clicked to observe my friend while he was sabotaging a crewship.

Just before I clicked to observe him, I had fixed an electrical incident on our railjack (don't know if that will be relevant).

At some point during observation, the tac screen became stuck, I was unable to get out of it.

I could still chat and move the cursor on the tac screen but only through controller buttons via keyboard. My character could still be warped to objectives and die. It is just that on my end, the tac screen was absolutely locked.

That's all I can say for now. I looked around and read the exact issue from another player. But that thing is not that much talked about. It only occured to me once because we just started railjack.


Hopefully my description helped you guys in some ways to fix it.



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