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Shareholder, the raknoid queen


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A tanky warframe based off the explorer orb, profits taker and having a raknoid horde.

Passive: gain increased health and armour based of the amount of allies and companions/Summons around her.


1.       Mothers wishes- Summon a scyto raknoid that prioritised healing/defending allies and objectives. While raknoid is summoned recasting will overcharge raknoids and your/allies shields, also gives health regen. 

2.       Frosty wether- Summon coolant raknoids that deal cold damage to slow down enemies. While raknoid is summoned recasting will send a shock wave of ice that freezes enimes.

3.       Adaptive pressure- Summon a kyta raknoid that has its damage out put change depending on the enemies weakness. While raknoid is summoned recasting will chain enimes together so what happens to one happens to all of them.

4.       True face- curl up into a raknoid with 3 special abilities (Also using the abilities summons associated raknoid if they are not currently summoned), 4th ability returns you to normal.

·        1. lunch a group of mite raknoids that strip enemy armour.

·        2. cold vents- become immobilized and highly resistant to damage while sharing increased critical chance/damage and ammo efficiency with you and your team, also all enemies target you.

·        3. improvised assault- increase states chance and elemental weakness damage. You gain immunity to states effects and increased damage based on how much damage you take.

All summoned raknoids health scales of ability duration and their damage scales with ability strength.

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