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I'm a beginner 3D artist and I sculpted the Grineer Bike concept by user The-Fist


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38 minutes ago, LillyRaccune said:

Fantastic job! Thank you for sharing 😻

I love the textures and touch of rust you have included. The shape of the drivers seat looks functional too!

I'm having some trouble viewing your links, so I'm posting them here. Hope that helps!

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Thank you 😄

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34 minutes ago, The-Fist said:

Man i stumbled across this purly by chance when i was perusing the new section of r/warframe and holy S#&$ it made my day. Very flattering. Love the grungy/rusty metal textures. Seeing this was very cool. 


feeling is mutual, i'm a huge grineer fan and I really like your bike concept.

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