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Orphix mission soft lock


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So what happened is that in a orphix mission, when you are forcibly put into operator mode cause of the orange gas, and die right next to a fallen voidrig (not sure if this applies to a normal voidrig or the bonewidow) in your operator mode, what happens is that you will be put in a state where you cannot do anything and the game thinks your are a voidrig and a tenno at the same time (assuming this because i had the operator hp and ui but i was moving as quickly as a nechramech and was at the same pov) but your model is invisble, you cannot be killed, interact with anything or if the mission ends, you cannot extract. You are stuck in the enemy ship and cannot do anything. Pressing Esc does nothing, Alt + f4 does nothing but alt + tab does, You cannot re enter your frame or a nechramech and you are only able to role and slowly descend with crouch button and space bar does nothing. Not sure if this bug can be recreated consistently as it has only happened to me once. Tried to take a screenshot but that didn't work either

Edit: Was able to let my team mate extract but am unsure about what would happen if they wanted to return to the dojo or start another mission as I used task manager to end task for warframe.

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