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Yareli new synergies


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There's been a good amount of posts about Yareli, and I was trying to brainstorm for a bit about how DE could make her more enjoyable and coherent, so i'll share my perception of her thematic, and propose changes that would suit that vision of mine, it's my view at the end of the day. Here it goes.

When I think about her, and her quest/comic book, I think about something fast, daring and at the same time "beautiful", and here abilities don't give me that impression. She has great tools that don't really talk to one another, it's just glued together.

1- About her passive, it's really strong, but i don't like the idea of just plain number buffs on passives. Part of that "fast and daring" essence that is missing could come from here, so here's my idea for her 'new passive', it would be called "Flow"
Flow - Yareli has a tide-like indicator (similar to Gauss), that rapidly stack and decay with every kill. Something like max 5 stacks that lasts 3 seconds, each stack with it's own timer.
Yareli gets movement speed bonus based on how many stacks she has, and her abilities gain bonus effects

2- About Sea Snares. In my opinion, right now it's just a "meh" ability, it doesn't appeal visually neither functionally. My take on it would be, Sea snares seek at least 2 new enemies, if they die under the effect, even if DE reduced the max amount of 'max bubbles by half, that would still be better. There are steel path maps that you can easily have more than 100 kills/minute, spamming her 1 such in a huge amount is just not gonna happen. And about the "visual appeal", just make the bubble bigger and let enemies drown inside of it 😁.
Flow effect: seeks out more enemies, or increased duration

3- About Merulina, i think it's a bit clunky because of her size, just shrink her somewhat like Titania, 2/3 of her mounted size and make it so we can equip k-drive mods, that would help a lot, not everyone actually has an modded k-drive, but the people who does can pretty much confirm: the unmodded movement just feels wrong when you get used to the modded version.
Flow effect: increases Merulina damage reduction by an extra 15% (90% total at max)

4- About Aquablades is somewhat cool, but it could be even cooler. It should seek enemies trapped by her 1 and 4 (it'll be discussed bellow), and keep on slicing them. It wouldn't be extremely broken, we only have 3 aquablades, so it's not like a "new Saryn". Additionally, during her 4th ability all the blades could prioritize the giant bubble. Lets just admit that a giant slicing bubble would be way more fun than just a giant bubble.
And last but not least, doing tricks with Merulina would increase Aquablades damage by the trickscore amount(ex: max 6000, non affected by strength mods, if you use primo flair) for some seconds (maybe a minute? it would be REALLYYY hard to achieve 6000 trickscore on closed quarters)
Flow effect: The blades spin up to 2x faster (20% faster per stack)

5- About RipTide, would be still similar to how it's right now, but the giant bubble would last for around 2s in the air before exploding, not affected by duration, so Aquablades can slice enemies inside of it.
Flow effect: Increases the ability range, and the bubble "airtime duration" by x amount

And that's it, I hope someone liked those ideas, and remember, those are just opinions and fictional numbers.

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