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Warframe Concept Ephemeris


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I submitted a idea for a frame back in 2020 when they were doing an open call, it was a cartographer/traveler themed warframe named Ephemeris. Here is a more fleshed out concept for them.

"This is Ephemris, the traveler, the endless. Ephemeris charts the abyss of stars to the very end of the system.... and beyond."

Unlike most frames their visual design consists of bundles and layers of clothing which is unraveled to create celestial threads that power their abilities (Like Chromas Effigy or Gara's glass armor).

Passive - Soundless Steps: Sprinting creates a path that lasts 5s, allies receive +50% movement speed and maneuverability (aim glide/slide/etc) while on the path, lasting 3 seconds after moving off the path. 

1) Comet: Creates a projectile that seeks out stuns a target with an impact status. Charging the ability enhances the effect and creates an explosion with cold damage
2) Constellation: Links a group of enemies through the environment causing a portion of damage to ricochet across enemies. Comet ricochets and explodes multiple times with no damage reduction. Each additional target linked reduces linked damage.
3) Occultation: Creates a stationary circular lens. A portion of allied damage dealt through the barrier is converted into shields. Incoming enemy damage is reduced by 75% and a portion of shield damage taken is converted into energy. Enemies are highlighted through the barrier for better visibility.

At the moment I do not have an idea for what their fourth ability would be, but for consistency I would name is Culmination, Collminator/Collmination, or Event Horizon.

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