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More Weapon Swapping


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I think i used to be against this idea, but after playing Devil May Cry recently, my position on this has changed, i love the idea of it now.

How would it work?

For a Playstation controller, press the up directional button to change the 3 other directional buttons to something ill call "Combat Mode". In combat mode, pressing the left, down, and right directional buttons will switch your current weapons to your 2nd primary, secondary, and melee weapon respectively (thats right, you will be allowed to have a total of 6 weapons in mission as opposed to 3). You may choose to equip more than just 2 melee weapons too, simply dont pick a 2nd primary and secondary to be able to equip up to 4 melee weapons!

Why is this a good idea?

Some weapons are fun in this game, but are an absolute bore to use repetitively. This idea can help alleviate that feeling of the boredom suffered from repetition by allowing the player to mix up their plan of attack even further on the fly! It also allows for some more unique loadouts for players who may wish to join a fight with nothing but guns or nothing but melee weapons. 


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