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Casting speed Yareli


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Yareli has a huge potential with her unlimited ensnares and faster damaging ticks from Riptide but she needs a little tweak with her passive and Aquablades and the changes won't drastically affect her overall theme:

Passive will work as it is but grants increased casting speed instead. Casting while moving on Merulina will complement that.
Aquablades will have less duration but casting it repeatedly will add another layer of Aquablades. Each layer will spawn a bit further from a previous layer and will have separated duration. Range mods will affect the gap between layers. Existing Aquablades will replace a disappeared ones. You'll probably want to go for minimum range for single target (or maximum range for clearing speed on low levels) and use a secondary weapon as a primer to increase damage from bleeds with viral procs.

What do you think?

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