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Nightwave Kuva Survival not working



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12 minutes ago, SergeantSerious said:

We are having trouble with Nightwave Kuva survival night working. Over the last few days I have done 3 Kuva Survivals all over 30 minutes in duration. But nightwave does not see it. Does anyone know what the go is with this?

u do by the Kuva Fortress at the node called taveuni


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On 2021-08-28 at 1:10 PM, NinjaZeku said:

Were these Kuva Siphons / Floods?

Because those don't count, the only Kuva Survival mission node is on the Fortress.

I remember making this Mistake my first aswell... They should change the Act Description to "Taveuni (Kuva Fortress)" instead of Kuva Survival....

Playerd would still be clueless but they will know what to ask about in Q&A...


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