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Returning player (played the most from 2014 march - 2016 ish) and DAMN warframe has leveled up.



I remember being so engrossed in this game back in the day, doing all quests and upgrading all weapons and watching all livestreams and wanting to always attend Tennocon (is that still a thing?) but never could. This game saved my childhood in so many ways, and I'd love to give it another shot now after so long.

Wanted to catch up with all the new stuff, it looks absolutely insane. Any posts I can refer to? Hope to stick around more, even if its as a casual gamer. And damn my IG is cringe asf lol. Can I swear here? Feels so intimidating yet homely to be writing this, idek. But thanks for any help! Also sorry if i posted it in the wrong section or something, I literally cannot wait to experience the new features.


Edit: I just realised i tried coming back to this game a couple years back but couldnt find the time, and my reactions were unsurprisingly the same hahah

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