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Railjack Tactical Menu traps player in menu when attempting to use tactical support ability while spectating a player who dies


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I was spectating my friend using Railjack's observation option from the tactical menu. I had selected an ability to use to help him when he died and bled out. Following this, my screen went black for a second then returned to being focused on me. From there, I was unable to interact with the game at all. The tactical menu was still open, but I could not leave it, either by clicking Escape on my keyboard or "Back" in the menu. No buttons in the menu would function. I could open my chat, but /unstuck would not work. I was in the Railjack's pilot seat when this happened. My friend aborted the mission to dojo and this returned my play to normal. I do not know if this is related, but the specific ability I was using was my friends, so perhaps it had to do with trying to use an ability of a Warframe who was dead.

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