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Pakk | Wolf/Werewolf/Pack leader |


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Name : Pakk

Gender : Male

Description : A pack leader respected for his strength and danger, he always rides with his 3 most trusted pack members, Konan, Aryn and Jet.



Hp : 275 --> 825

Shields : 75 --> 225

Armor : 425

Energy : 150 --> 225

Speed : 1.15




  • You are always accompanied by 3 different wolves, Konan, Aryn and Jet. Konan viciously attacks the strongest enemy he sees, Aryn terrifies and knocks down enemies, while Jet executes lethal throat bites on weaker and lower HP enemies.


Speed : 1.25

Attack speed : 1.17

Damage : 225 (50% slash | 50% puncture)

No special abilities


Speed : 1.45

Attack speed : 0.955

Damage : 175 (50% slash | 50% puncture)

Special abilities

Ability 1

Emit a howl that terrifies enemies within 12 meters for 12 seconds. Terrified enemies will move 50% slower, 35% less accurate, and take 100% more damage (x3 from execution damage). Cooldown 25 seconds.

Ability 2

Charge an enemy, knocking them down and making them vulnerable to executions by you, your allies, and Jet. Shred damage done to downed enemies deals four times the damage. Enemy is knocked down for 7 seconds. Cooldown 12 seconds.


Speed : 1.15

Attack speed : 1.00

Damage : 125 (50% slash | 50% puncture)

Special abilities 

(Passive) You can execute non-alerted enemies, killing them immediately with a 25% chance.

When an enemy is below 25% of their maximum HP, they execute a lethal execution 100% of the time. Execution will also be performed when the enemy has been knocked down by Aryn, and will be lethal when the knocked down enemy has less than 65% of his maximum HP. Cooldown 6 seconds.


Wolves damage increases with the damage mods you have equipped on your melee weapon.

Wolves have no life stats, shields, or armor, and cannot be killed, but are vulnerable to takedowns.

Wolves' ferocity increases when you drop below 50% of your maximum HP, reloading abilities twice as fast, and attacking 50% faster.

Ability 1

Reap and tear

Dash forward and viciously attack the first enemy you encounter with sharp claws and piercing teeth, inflicting lethal damage in some cases, and terrorizing nearby enemies. If an enemy is killed with this ability, you get a stack that will increase your life and armor for a limited time.


Cost : 25

Dash range : 20 meters

Damage : 1.200 (65% slash | 35% puncture)

200% probability to proc slash and 100% probability to proc puncture

Radius of terror : 7 meters (x2 if enemy is killed)

Effect of terror

  1. The enemies walked away walking backwards without turning their backs on you for 5 seconds
  2. Movement speed reduced by 50% for 5 seconds

  3. Precision reduced by 50% for 5 seconds

Healing : 150 hp

This ability is lethal if the enemy you hit is below 35% max hp

Stack limit : 10

Stack duration : 15 seconds

Stack bonuses : +50 hp | + 50 armor


Fresh meat

Each stack you own will increase your Skill Power of all Skills by 10%. Passive: + 50% stack duration.

Ability 2


Emit an howl audible from a great distance, cheering your allies and terrifying enemies. Each wolf in your pack will also emit a howl with different effects based on the wolf.


Cost : 50

Radius : 50 meters (unaffected by mods)

Duration : 25 seconds

Buffs for you and allies

  1. + 45% movement and attack speed
  2. + 90% reload speed
  3. + 100% ability cast speed
  4. + 25% ability and weapon damage

Debuffs for enemies

  1. - 50% movement speed
  2. - 75% precision
  3. + 100% damage vulnerability
  4. Enemies will be vulnerable to executions

Each wolf in your pack will also emit a howl with different effects based on the wolf

Radius : 25 meters

Duration : 25 seconds


Buff : Critical damage increased by + 1.0x base critical damage

Debuff : Enemies have a 25% chance to deal no damage with an attack


Buff : Attacks have a 35% chance to stun the enemy hit for 2 seconds

Debuff : Statuses last for 200% more time on enemies


Buff : 75% probability to resist knockdowns and +100% knockdown recovery speed

Debuff : If an enemy is stunned or knocked down, the effect last 200% longer


Regenerative howl

Any ally who hears Howl will regenerate 12 HP every second.

Ability 3

The leader is tired

Call other wolves to your pack, who will fight for you to the point of exhaustion.


Cost : 75

Duration : 120 seconds (unaffected by mods)

Wolves summoned : 6

Wolf movement speed : 1.20

Wold attack speed : 1.07

Wolf damage : 200 + 3% enemy max health (50% puncture | 50% slash)


The leader is tired + Howl

When a wolf summoned via The leader is tired hears Howl, it will repeat Howl with 50% range, but 100% duration and power.


Protect the leader

For each wolf summoned, gain 5% damage reduction, up to a maximum of 95%. Passive: +2 base summoned wolves.

Ability 4

Pack leader

Let out a terrifying howl, as you pump adrenaline into your blood, increasing your muscle mass and anger, becoming more like a mythological beast than a warframe. With your enhanced muscle mass, you are strong enough to tear enemies apart with your claws, and tear off their heads with a single bite. The wolves in your pack are also upgraded, becoming fast and deadly war machines. Skills gain additional effects and are improved.


Cost : 5/s

Upon activation you will be fully cured

Buffs for yourself

  1. + 225 health
  2. + 225 armor
  3. + 0.15 speed
  4. + 50% damage reduction 

Your melee weapon will be replaced by a pair of claws, with each stat equal to your melee, except that any impact or puncture damage will be transformed into slash.

Every 4 hits, the 5th will be a bite to the enemy's skull that will inflict near lethal damage.

Damage 5th hit : 25% enemy max health as damage with 100% slash proc


Konan, Aryn and Jet buffs

Ability cooldown : -50%

Damage is now 7% of enemy maximum health

Attack and movement speed : + 15% base speed


Abilities buffs

Rip and tear : You'll instantly kill enemies that are below 65% total HP, and if you get a stack, it will reduce your damage taken by 5% / stack, as well as give you the normal health and armor boost effects.

Howl : Allies will regenerate shields continuously, and the regeneration cannot be interrupted, and each healing effect will have doubled efficiency, while any enemy unit that has special abilities or effects will have them deactivated.

The leader is tired : The ability will have a locked duration, and the summoned wolves will be able to gather resources for you, and if they collect orbs of energy or life, they will be overcharged, regenerating 50% more life and energy.


Pack leader + Reap and tear

For each stack obtained thanks to Reap and tear while Pack Leader is active, the damage of each weapon will increase by 15%.


Bloody leader

For every 1% of total HP missing upon activation, the ability will increase its power by 1%.



Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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