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[Refresh/Change] Rewards System


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Recently, I've been farming for the [Ambassador] and I think the reward system really needs a rework/refresh/modernised to suit.


So, I would like to pitch an idea to say that the reward system breaks down into 3 categories, given that the absolute law of any reward you get from doing missions, is governed solely based on RNG.

The 3 categories (how I view it, can be corrected at anytime by anyone):

1) Resource types: e.g. nano spores, polymer bundles, Gems, fishes and etc.

2) Relic rewards: A collection of prime part & other more useful mods/resources (for e.g. Requiem relic gives you parazon mods and others) when you happen to get full traces to unlock the potential reward.

3) Syndicate points: The over layer for different fractions of area/groups that gives you points when you complete their set tasks so that you eventually can trade the points to advance their trust and etc. or purely for items/mods and etc. for your gaming needs


With different rarity of the resources come with harder difficulties to get, that's all and understandable. But, the lack of choice and diversity of how to get it is something that really needs to be revised at some point.

Let's look at syndicate points; By far it is the easiest reward to do: plain and simple where you do the given missions and you get the points. Put on a sigil and start killing, and you add points to that syndicate. But, why the is there a cap on how much you can earn per day? Is the game not encouraging people to play as they see fit? or the fact that it's an underlying message to show that the game likes to punish overachievers? There are both sides of the argument to remove the cap or having it in place, because the developers wants you not just to do that one thing (referring to people putting more videos in the simulacrum than actual missions and etc. and that some developers don't like where that's going), I get it, some would go... just store the medallions then.. so you can use it later. Again, I do see that as a viable option. But, say if I just want to play WF and concentrate on that particular syndicate for today only, because that's what I want to do and i can't do it until my heart contents, and b/c there this cap thing involved, I can't do it. My suggestion for this is to double the current max capacity of not allow people not to hit that capacity. So, like for e.g. when you have like 100 / 135,000 and given that you can only do 31,500 due to the daily cap. Remove the cap completely or; we could say have a consumable from the syndicate-NPC shops for people to buy so that they can reset their standings. Properly not the best suggestion, but it sure encourages people to do more for their syndicates.


Let's look at the relic rewards system (and the blending of 'parts' in particular); The irony of getting prime frames are 'sometimes' easier than getting normal frames. For e.g. Ash vs. Ash prime, Equinox vs. Equinox prime. Not to mention that sometimes you get 13 day aspect before you get 1 night aspect part, that's just bad RNG. Not rewarding at all. So, that's something to have a think about where how can we fix this problem. All I know for now is that I want to  suggest for the opening a relic, we could say; consuming all the traces we collect to 'roll' the prime part as a reward, so that RNG gives us some other prime part we were farming for, I think people would appreciate that. But, it has to be like... 'all' the traces you've collected, so that you don't ending up getting the any traces if you 'roll' your prime part reward sort of thing.


Let's look at the 'resources' in general. I'm not going to do the subcategories and whatnot. But, I want to address on the 'wf' parts or 'weapon' parts in general. I think the way how it's structured now can be improved. Take the example from above, where Ash parts are sometimes harder to farm, we could somehow make it more diverse or easier instead of trying to get manic to spawn or just laugh at ourselves when doing high tier RJ survival missions for 60mins. and ending up getting that ash chassis? 'noice'. Somethings can be improved, like for example, maybe not put the ash parts in the rotation C to start with, and put in some other more favourable reward other than ash part would be more reasonable. In addition, maybe have a system where you must gear-up an equipment, so that you could roll the incremental rewards to your liking, (have a screen poppoing up, after getting rotation A, B, C reward and there's a choice for you to use the equipment). That equipment has to be farmed for and can be done all over the place for crafting, just like the Fomorian disruptor or something close to it. By doing this, I do think people are more inclined/encouraged to 'farm' or stay for 'longer' session, if not only a few are doing that already. But, the point is to encourage people not be discourage from 'boring farming'.  Hence, it's kind of not right where you play highest tier level missions and end up getting rewards that feels that don't belong or undervalued for the time spent.


Overall, the biggest issue for the RNG system now is the 'repeating' of the reward you get. In other words, say for example you were trying to farm for 'Vome' mod card from kuva fortress in a survival, the longer you stay the more likely it is for you get the vome card if you keep using the correct relic. For e.g. every time you when you use the Requiem relic II relic, and you don't ending up getting that Vome. There should be an implementation to decrease the likelyhood of the reward it gives you from that relic, and increase the chances of getting something different the next time you put the same relic on. So like, first time, you get Riven sliver,  next time you put on the same relic, the chance of getting that riven sliver decreases by 20%, and increases the chances of getting the other rewards from ALL other rarities by 25%, and if you still don't get the Vome from opening the same relic for 4 consecutive times, the next time you try to open that relic, it's about 85% that you'll get that Vome, so that the rewards you get from the relic are still 'more consistent within the rarity of the current reward system' (i.e. doesn't upset the current refinement system). You don't want to always get Rare rewards by using intact all the time, no. But, at least you want to have players saying that the 'rarity system of the rewards are 'pretty accurate'. I hope this can also be translated to survival reward systems too.


By the way, it would be nice to have a booster that decreases the chances of common rewards and increase chances of getting uncommon/rare rewards.

(Suggestion: Baro price: 150 ducats)



- Bottom line is: the reward system can do some improvements,

- Decrease the % of getting the reward after getting it the first time, 'AND' increase the % of the chances of getting the other Rewards significantly.

- A system in place, so that you can either sacrifice something to roll your reward.

- A system in place so that you can reset your daily caps.

- A 'Booster' that decrease common and increase uncommon/rare rewards.


Anyway, feel free to add/change/subtract and ideas from the above and thanks for reading.

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