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Wisp unable to teleport to Motes after using the Aresenal in the Simulacrum


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I have been having this bug while testing the Critical Surge augment. If at any point I use the arsenal in the Simulacrum, Wisp becomes completely unable to teleport to her motes, making it impossible to test the augment. This isn't limited to having the augment on either and have tried using other builds without any augments to see if that's the issue. Placing down new motes after going to the arsenal doesn't help either. The UI circle that appears when you can teleport to a mote doesn't appear either. Since I don't know how else to tag this, I'm tagging this bug as a UI issue.

I'd like this issue addressed since it'd make it far easier to test builds for Critical Surge. Every time I make a change, I have to make the change, leave to the relay, and go back into the simulacrum.


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