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Okay, let me just get to the point.

To most of us, we have kind of grown accustomed to the chat window and its functions. It wouldn’t hurt to include these in the future:


Pretext: in the game for PC players, you press ‘T’ on the keyboard to bring up the text chat window. That’s all good. Nothing wrong with that. Keep it that way.


Functions (not in any particular order):

1) One improve the quality of life would be: including a selection after right clicking a person name and have: ‘ask for an invite’ as a selection would be handy.

2) Right click on players name to: ‘send emojis’

3) Being able to link and view ‘warframe builds’ in relays, any missions, any place where you can activate the text window.

4) Since we have the voice communication in the game, why not, take it to a step further by; assigning a key, press & hold record your voice, let go of the key, and it becomes a hyper link for people to link on and.. it’ll play back your voice recording and message. So that you may not need to type during gameplay?

5) Hence what was said above, you can ‘export’ as an audio file for collecting evidence to defend yourself if necessary if people accuse you of this and that.

6)Hence the above, you can collaborate this voice recording function and become like a Captura, narrative thing where you can make your captura scene to become more life-like with narration.

7) Profile: A ‘selection’ to allow players to put in a daily mood/text as to how they feel today and this text can be simply viewed by hovering your mouse over the players’ names in text where ever. The messages/moods/emojis will just pop up.


8) Trading made easy: Allow a function where you right click a person (only can be done in places where you’re not in mission) and you can select ‘ask player to trade’, the system will then access data to see the following and to the following things:

   a) Search for if both parties have an clan that has trading posts: if yes, a window (like the trade window will pop up and allows players to select where they want to go to that dojo, and this can be viewed by both parties and only upon clicking on the accept/agree button, the system will take them there

   b) If 1 person clicks on ‘ask player to trade’ and the other person is in mission: system will say; “This player is currently unavailable for trading” or “ this player is currently offline”, and there’s nothing you can do afterwards, and it won’t take you to that screen described above.

   c) If you’re in mission, the ‘ask player to trade’ selection will be gone, you cannot use it when you open your chat window whatsoever

   d) Say if both of the players engage this “ask player to trade” and they both don’t have clan/trading posts to access, the system will go into the screen like “item a” (from above) and ask if both parties would meet a server xx, Maroo’s Bazaar, and both parties will have to hit that agree/accept button so they both get there


9) Personalised “word banks” (allow only “five” customisable hyperlinks/word bank words): a system where instead of typing all the ‘explanation’ in chat, maybe allow customised hyperlinks players can create so that when others click on to it, it’ll bring up another textbox (a textbox that you cannot alter/change, read-only window with a close button) explaining what it is you mean by certain things. (This can be useful to clear the mess in recruit chat where clans would clutter the entire chat window explaining how great their clans are and etc. and to avoid the scrolling-up, down issue too)

10) Spelling checker, if somethings aren’t spelled correctly, underline in red or something. Simple enough

11) Allowing languages other than English to be readable instead of just heaps of stars. Make the language universal, so that if you’re using different language UI, it doesn’t matter.

12) Hence, Allowing different languages other than English be type-able too, regardless of language UI you’re using.

13) In relations to the language interface: Hyperlinking the mods: if you try to link ‘rage’ (the mod), and someone else is using other language UI, the link will automatically translate to the player’s language UI and become their language’s ‘rage’ instead of English.

14) Have a dedicated 'Tab' with 'hyperlinks' and explanations to click on. For e.g. click on "/unstuck" copies "/unstuck" in your 'send messages to squad' field and you can just press the Enter key to activate it unstuck function. Have it all the /? listed functions to be hyperlinked so that it improves quality of life.


Anyway, just a thought to improving the quality of life. Please feel free to add/change/criticise, thanks for reading.

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