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Infested Nemesis concepts : One that attempts to combine known lore and keep in line with other two faction's version .


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I had read some cool concepts other people posted , and start to think " If I'm DE , how would I designed a Infested adversary " . Yesterday the idea just show up in my mind as always , so I refined them and decided to share it .

Note that I'm not a native English speaker , and don't have fancy vocabulary to give the right atmosphere for Warframe , but I'll try my best .



" The infestation had taken everything from us , at one time , even ourselves . Now it's time to take something from them . 

We had a plan , and we have the resource . But we need your help , beautiful Ayatan ." - Letter from the Entrati Family .

The story starts at Entrati . After non-stop researching , they had develop a way to "hurt" the Infested hive mind , and maybe slowly regain control of planets like Deimos and Eris .

Their plan needs two things , the Helminth strain , and the player's Kuva .

First of all , We will inject the Helminth strain into a selected specimen . ( The exact how will be explained in Mechanics section )

Introducing Helminth strain into their system will possibly caused some problem by itself . And the Infested really doesn't like hybrids (see The Glast Gambit quest ) . They will probably try to ejected it , by killing it or some other means .

Then we will gave kuva to the specimen , to make sure it stay alive and well in the system . ( Same , I will explain later )

To combat this , the hive mind mixed them with a lot of their biomess , try to suppressed it , and tossed them out , hoping over time , the Helminth strain will be assimilated , than they can take them back . The Entrati Joking-ly called it Allergic . The more serious name is the Trojan .

It will take over that planet's Infestation . 

Now is our chances . We will combat the Trojan like we do with Liches and sister . In this way , we are removing the suppression , and letting Helminth regain control . If we do this enough time , it will probably hurt the Hive mind a lot , by constantly forced to amputee themselves .

Also as a side benefit , the Trojan will make weapons to battle against us , which we can took as loot .


With all the faction we know , the Infested is the more tricky one , since they don't have a "leader' of sorts to do those things . So I decided to let player take action .

Entrati is involved , since they are the "Infested faction" . And they definitely have the motivation ( other then Son , I guess ? ) .

Helminth is here too , since they are infested loyal to us ( kinda ) , which can be a tool against them . 

I think this is quite a cool spin on the norm .



" That one seems promising . Let's poke it ! " - Otak .

First we needs to talk to son , and buy a "Trojan bait " blueprint from him . It's cheap and has infinite use .

The bait is made with some resources , Pherliac Pods ( the item used it The Jordas Precepts and can lure infested ) , and a little bit of Kuva . 

Then we had to a Infested mission , toss the bait on the ground . A "Carrier"( which is just a reskined Runner )  will show up, run straight to the bait and start eating it . ( It will be invincible for gameplay purpose )

After consumption , player can down it and mercy kill with Parazon , injecting Helminth strain in the process .

If you don't like it's weapon , just leave . The "Carrier" will pew out the bait because it makes stomach hurt , and Ordis will retreat it .

If you like it , then poke it . Now it's you Trojan ! Let's start to hunt it down .


The Trojan 

" I can't see anything . Please help me , Master " - Helminth , inside the Trojan .

The Trojan has two special properties . First is it's weapon , second is it's ability .

Rather then all three being alternate version of existing abilities , one of them will be a brand new one , corresponding to it's element . All seven element will have one .

Visually , I have no idea . Somewhat Humanoid disgusting flesh monster thingy .

After some thinking , I think it can had the head of it's progenitor , but really broken , maybe key features left . And the body of a deformed Nidus ( which is already really deformed ) .


The hunt

"This is all I can gave you now , my master . " - the Helminth , inside the Trojan .

After a short introduction , the Trojan will show up on your Starchart , starting at Mercury , then Deimos , Europa , Saturn , and at last , Eris .

The mission go as standard Lich/Sister hunt , went in the mission and killed special unit to gain murmur .

This time the unit is a special Ancient , called "Antibody" , that will summon units to protect it , and can only be killed after those protection are dead .

The Antibodies will also fight , utilizing the special ability that your trojan has .


your Trojan will soon show up to fight you . 

In battle , the Trojan will summon a lot of normal infested to swarm you . Defeating Infested around the Trojan will filled up a invisible bar , which when the Trojan it's down , turn into murmur progress , up to a limit for that mission . 


After defeating it with correct requiem mods , it will flee to the Space . Time for final showdown .


Coming up with the Murmur mob and the battle is a bit tricky .

Liches and Sisters both grant extra murmur chances when they show up , so I want Trojan to have one , too , but a lot different .

In this way , it's like you are weakening the suppression , so Helminth can have a chance to tell you the code :D I love the flavor .

The showdown 

" You have come to free me , my master . Please forgive my claws ." Helminth , inside the Trojan 

Sadly , Infestation don't have RJ mission now . But we can do it the Infested way .

A unique note that doesn't belong to any proxima will show up . Inside , it's a RJ mission with a derelict ship , the one that looks like derelict tower in Grineer RJ mission .

Player will have to destroy 3 protective notes on it in order to enter . The first one can be shot with turrents , but the other two needs to use artillery canon .

Inside the ship , there will be Antibodies that block your way , which needs to be defeated .

At the boss room , it's the same Trojan battle , but there will be environmental hazards that player needs to avoid or tank .


And now you defeated your Trojan with your ninja skill .

Choosing the kill them will result in getting rewards , or spare them to make a friend . 


The reward - Weapons 

The player will receive two reward upon killing the Trojan ( three if you count ephemera ) . One is their weapon .

The weapon will be called "Helminth" series , most of them are variants of existing infested weapon , and some unique one .

I don't have idea for all of them , but certainly some ideas .

Helminth Hema

A straight upgrade to standard Hema , also has a new ability to shoot out a spine onto a enemy , stunning them and leech it's life for ammo while also heal the user .

Helminth Dual Toxocyst

A straight upgrade , not only better stats . It's normal mode will be more usable , and headshot bonus now include full-auto mode , extra multishot and last longer .

Helminth Mios

An upgrade to the beloved Mios . Whip attacks now spit out deadly acid which damage and blinds enemies.

Helminth gun spear ( I can't name )

A brand new gun spear born by the Helminth , which discharge streams of corrosive liquid , and has a sack at it's end .

When thrown and kill an enemy , will start to drain it's lifeforce into it's sack . Attacking the sack will cause it to explode with countless maggots .

Maggots will latch on nearby victim . making them panic and explode with corrosive damage .

As gross and disgusting as it sound .


The reward - Modules

The second reward is a module , which will be in your foundry . Take it out , and talk to Helminth .

You can give the module to Helminth , to unlock a new ability that you can subsume to your warframe !

I don't have ideas yet , only one for Magnectic .

I got some ideas now , so I'll organize them .

All names are temporary

Heat : Heat Wave

Create a expanding zone at the player's location , that will disarm , proc heat , and slow enemies' speed . ( weapons get melted , and they're suffering a heat stroke ! )

cold : Analyze

player slows down movement to focus on nearby enemy , analyzing their strength and weakness for a few second .

After that , gain resistance to the dominant damage type of those types of enemy , while effective damage type and headshots does more to them . This effect will last for a duration .

electricity Lockdown 

Throw out a gadget that lock down several enemies nearby , and does electricity damage base on their current HP after the duration . ( It's just old Arcane Lockdown ... I'm not very creative am I )   

Toxin : feed 

Inject a maggot into a nearby enemy , perma-stun it while doing % true damage over time . Once target's HP reach 0 , player can "harvest" it by pressing X , gaining HP regen , energy regen and armor .

This ability can be stack multiple times , and heavy units provide more stack . 

Refresh duration by harvesting.

radiation :  Soul Barrier 

Target a small location , enemies within when cast will took more damage from all source . Once they are killed , user will gain some extra shield which absorb incoming damage  . Status are negated when this shield is up . ( shield works like Frost 4's augment )

magnetic : Railgun 

Charge up a magnetic filed in front of player , which will absorb all projectile nearby . Second cast will discharge it with incredible speed , dealing high Magnetic/Puncture damage in a straight line . scale with all damage absorb . ( Like Mag's hold 2  , but smaller and way more focus . )

impact : Telekinesis

Lift a target enemy at the crosshair by a set distance , and it can be moved by moving crosshair . 

Enemies being hit by the target took impact damage scale by target's max hp .

use the ability again to throw it with high speed at the target direction , knockdown and dealing AOE impact damage that scales with it's max HP .

(It's a single hand action , player can still shoot while using . Just aim downside and it will move out of the way )

(Basically lifting enemy and using it as a wrecking ball)


If Helminth already has that ability , it can be use as food instead , which gave 30% on all category .



So this is what I imagine a Infested adversary will look like ! 

Feel free to gave some nice opinion ! I would love to have some friendly chat about this .

Also the empty slot for weapon and abilities is open for suggestions . My brain is not big enough for these .


Thanks for reading until this very end :D

( Also I hope this can seen by designers in DE . I wish this can inspire some of you ! )


Also I can't let my Helminth see this article . So many Helminth abuse 0 _0 

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I finished the post , so allowed me to push this to the front page for just this time .

Of course not everything is done , there are still space for weapons and maybe abilities , but this is the most I can do .


(Also there are many typos . please ignore them .)

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