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Do abilities that re-roll loot tables stack again?




I came back to the game recently and found myself enjoying long runs of survival with friends. Something that has been brought up a lot is that Nekro’s desecrate, Khora’s Pilfering Dome & Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm didn’t stack again.

I decided to research and found myself on the Wiki, where I found this:

“Additional loot retrieval stacks with other loot abilities that loot while alive ([1] Ivara's [2] Prowl), loot while petrified ([3] Atlas's [4]Ore Gaze), and loot on death ([5] Hydroid's [6]Pilfering Swarm[7] Khora's [8]Pilfering Strangledome and [9] Wukong's Monkey Luck passive). However, it does not stack with other loot corpse abilities (Chesa Kubrow's [10]Retrieve)”

Now, I am super confused. Could someone please enlighten me? In the comments of the wiki people are saying that they reverted it to be able to stack again but I can’t seem to find when.

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This is the most recent update I could find in regards to looting ability stacking, located in the Warframe Wiki's Patch History section for Nekros.



Update 25.8 (2019-10-01)

Warframe Looting Ability Changes

Warframe Loot Abilities will again be able to yield multiple-drops from already looted corpses. A single enemy can be looted by at most one Ability from each group - which is how it worked before, this just clarifies it. Warframe Looting Abilities have been split into separate functionality groups for clarity:

  1. Loot while alive: Ivara
  2. Loot petrified: Atlas
  3. Loot on death: Wukong, Khora, Hydroid. An enemy can only be killed once, they can’t ‘die’ multiple times.
  4. Loot corpse: Nekros, Chesa


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Okay, it sounds complicated, but it's really not all that bad.

There are three 'states' an enemy can drop loot from, when they're Alive, the moment they're Killed, and when Dead.

Importantly, enemies are only supposed to drop loot once: when they die, the moment they're Killed. The idea of loot abilities is to play with those three and potentially give you a second drop.

There's only one ability that loots Alive enemies, Ivara's Prowl. If you use Ivara's Prowl to loot an Alive enemy, this expends the enemy's loot pool, and killing them will not give you more loot.

There are lots of abilities that affect On Kill drops, most of them Augments, including Atlas' Ore Gaze augment, Khora's Pilfering Strangledome augment, Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm augment, and the other one that affects On Kill is Wukong's passive of Monkey Luck (which you only get if Wukong defies death and rolls that passive). What these do is give you a chance of the On Kill drop of loot giving you two rolls of the table, so they die and drop double the loot, not necessarily double of the same thing, just double loot. So they're pretty powerful.

And there are two abilities that loot Dead enemies, Nekros' Desecrate and the Chesa Kubrow's Retrieve. These are functional second drops from the enemy, so after the enemy has been Killed and drops loot, they leave a body behind which these two abilities will then Loot a second time.

Now, importantly? These do not 'stack'.

What does that mean?

It means that if a player is using Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm (for 100% chance), and another player is using Atlas with Ore Gaze, you will only ever get double loot On Kill. You can't get triple loot.

It means that if a player is using Desecrate, while another has a Chesa Kubrow, the body that is looted by one cannot be looted by the other, you can't get double drops from the dead body. (Please note: Very Important. Loot from abilities that loot dead bodies works on the individual body parts. So if you dismember a body with Slash damage, chopping it into two pieces or more, Desecrate or Retrieve can loot each piece of the body once, meaning a chopped up enemy can actually be looted multiple times. But the individual parts can only be looted once.)

On the flip side, an Ivara player can actually get the best of all three, by looting an enemy while it's Alive, having that enemy Killed by Pilfering Swarm for a second drop of loot, and then having a Nekros Desecrate the dead body for a third drop. But that's it. That's the only time when you can get triple drops of loot from a single, non-dismembered enemy.

So tl;dr, remember that key point; an enemy is only supposed to drop loot once, on death.

Abilities that multiply the drops on death do no stack together to create more drops on death.
Abilities that can generate a new drop after death do not stack to generate more than one new drop after death.
The one ability that loots while Alive removes the basic drop on death, but if another ability like it is created, it will not stack to make a second drop while alive.

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