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How should I know which relic should be chosen to farm a certain part?




Sorry for the confusing description, I'm trying my best to explain my problem.

Take this companion for example




For each part there are like 4-5 or more relic options to choose from, but I'm not sure which relic is the best "to be used" in order to get THAT part.

Let's look at this relic




It lists 6 items, but is there any indication if I want to farm Dethcube Prime Systems, then this is the best relic to choose? Or in this relic's case, Ivara Prime Chassis is a better reward to pick?

I can't really make up my mind how to prioritize each relic and each reward.

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The chances are the same.

You pick relics based on easiest relic you think you can farm, and not vaulted.

Basically just pick a relic and see if there's a place you can conveniently farm it from. If you don't find a good mission you're convenient with, move on to next relic on the list.

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Let me see if I understand you question -- you have multiple different relics that drop that one part you need, and are asking if there is a "best" way to choose from them?  If so, here are some considerations I take into account when facing this decision:

1. Quantity.  If I have a ton of one type of relic, then I will prioritize cracking that one.  I also try to only crack unvaulted relics for the same reason -- I know I can farm for more if necessary.
2. What else does the relic drop?  If I already have / no longer need the other 5 drops from a relic, then I would also prioritize that relic.  Alternatively, if I also need another drop of similar rarity from that relic, then I also might consider bringing that relic, refined accordingly.  Specifically, if I have a choice, I tend to avoid cracking a relic if I need both a Common and a Rare drop from it as they are optimized by different levels of refinement.
3. Which Era does the relic belong to and what missions are available for that Era?  With all other conditions being the same, I pick the missions that I am most comfortable running.

Hope this helps!

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