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How do I mod pure elemental damage weapons?



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The only mods that don't work on weapons with a pure or combined Elemental damage type, like the Ignis, are mods that affect Impact, Puncture and Slash.

When you add an Elemental mod to any gun, it gives you an additional damage type. But if the weapon has no Impact, for example, adding an Impact mod does not give you a new damage type of Impact, it does absolutely nothing.

So, as Zeku above me has said, use any of the mods that would normally be supported by the weapon. Ignis Wraith, can support the 'base damage' mods, like Serration. It supports Multishot mods like Split Chamber. It will support your Crit mods, like Point Strike and Vital Sense. And it will support your Elemental mods, like Cryo Rounds and Infected clip, or even Rime Rounds and Malignant Force.

If you have an Exilus Adapter, then opening up that slot and using Sinister Reach is a good one, because it increases the range of your flame for hitting enemies further away, although grinding the Plains of Eidolon to get the mod Vigilante Supplies is also worth it because it's a mod that does Ammo Conversion (meaning you don't run out of ammo because all the other types of ammo are converted for it) and it will occasionally (5% at base, but increasing as you put more of the Set mods on your build, like Vigilante Armaments) upgrade your Critical chance by a flat 100%. This turns a regular Yellow crit into an Orange, or an Orange crit into a Red, both of these adding more multiplier to your Critical Damage.

People have been using the Ignis Wraith to great effect since it first came out, so if you head on over to Overframe.gg there will be plenty of builds for you to look through and see how other people mod it.

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1 minute ago, sauceyboii11 said:

So the thing is that I want to get the "Ignis Wraith", but then I thought how da hek do you mod it.

Pretty much the same as any weapon?

Ignis W supports a Crit / Status hybrid build, so you'd use the "standard" Mods for that:

Base Damage
Crit Mods
Elemental Mods (at least partially 60% dual stat ones)

Then based on your preferences and stuff, you can add e.g. some more Fire Rate which Ignis can easily afford in terms of Ammo economy,
you can try out (Viral plus) Hunter Munitions if you're dealing with SP Grineer or something similarly durable,
plus you could open up the Exilus slot for Sinister Reach (yay thanks DE for finally allowing that).

Not sure how well e.g. Galvanized Aptitude would fare on this weapon (over regular Base Damage Mods),
you're not getting tons of different proc types (just up to two with Elemental Mods, maybe 3 with HunMun),
though with additional procs from a Sentinel / Warframe abilities, that can be a different situation I guess.

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