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Isolation Vault Tier 2 teleport to Tier 1


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I just noticed this happening today multiple times in a row and even after bounty rotation change. Was not an issue yesterday.


Situation: The isolation vault tier 2 is finished and the vault door was opened (4 picture puzzle after loid was escorted)

Issue: Upon entering the loot room I (and others from public games) get teleported to the tier 1 vault room with the pit monster.

Note: It is possible to run back out of the tier 1 vault even though the "doors" are closed (short black screen teleports one to the outside of the "door").

Missoin reward is granted upon solving the puzzle, but running back from tier 1 to tier 2 vault leaves no loot (from the containers) on the ground.

Note #2: Running tier 1 or tier 3 is no problem. This only occurs on tier 2.


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