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Golden Instinct. Make it actually usable in gameplay.


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This ability does not target practical and useful "targets" in most cases. Other things should be added to the list:

Sabotage Caches and Rare Crates

If you are going to give a power slot to this (like Perspicacity) then it should be useful. Perspicacity is super useful in spy missions, but lack luster is most other content (auto-breach practically nullifies it, but I still use it). Golden Instinct, after 30 runs, has only once told me the tileset was not barren. 

Considering this is the "reward" for getting helminth to 15, it should do more than it currently does. 


I believe adding in Rare Crates and Sabotage Caches is a great way to make this more viable.

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14 minutes ago, NinjaZeku said:

Is that not already included?

Pretty sure they are. Certainly in the tooltip. But seeing as rare crates have a .1% chance of spawning every 100 missions or something insane it’ll never be confirmed by me.

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I use Goldie a lot now as I have been looking for my last 2 remaining Rare Reinforced Crates to scan for codex (Orokin & Corpus ones) and since its been on I have found a lot of Rare Crates and Sculptures .. definately works great but you need to use it correctly .. What i do is have the Loot Aura on, then activate Goldie.. step out of the spinning and watch the direction its pointing, see where the Loot items on minimap are in that direction and move towards them and repeat until I find the crate or sculpture .. works pretty good for me.. 

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TBH, I really don't think Sabotage Caches should be included, they're ~easy enough to find if you have Loot Radar Mods,
there's a lot less randomness to them than Sculptures / Rare Containers, and they're more obvious than Kuria.

But sure, reduced cooldown would be nice in any case.

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