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[3D Concept] Flux Rifle Prime


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I've been dabbling with Blender for a while and through to make something related to Warframe.

Here's an idea I thought up about how a primed Flux Rifle.

(Excuse the subpar youtube quality. First time editing a video. Still figuring this out).



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11 hours ago, BansheePrime said:

Just retcon it the same way they did Helios. Boom.

Helios prime isn't retcon , sentinels were not created by orokin , corpus , grineer , infested nore tenno . According to lore sentinels are split off evolution from sentients , tenno found this guys during old war took them in as they were handy , the factions then modified them to their needs and corpus are nkown to reverse engineer anything orokin they can get their hands on .

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Re-edited the video and touched up the VFX a bit,  added some sound effects..... and fixed this :

On 2021-08-30 at 8:54 PM, (XBOX)Shadow Breakre said:

Though the handle feels kinda tiny.

As for the lore thing, yeah I agree Flux Rifle prime would never happen in the actual game, but I thought it'd be a neat idea.


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