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Steel Path Defense/Interception Alerts should not finish and boot the players out when there's still an Acolyte around.


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Steel Path Defense/Interception Alerts  are not endless, they boot the players out to "Mission Complete" screen once the objective has been completed. Problem is, a spawned Acolyte won't prevent the mission from ending. More than once I have been booted out of a mission with a spawned acolyte present and in mid-fight, because either someone has killed the last (non Acolyte) enemy in the Defense mission, or the timer just went off in the Interception. This is so frustrating. There needs to be a mechanism to prevent this from happening.


Oh, that also happens with Liches/Sisters.

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3 hours ago, Joezone619 said:

None of the alerts are endless, they're designed like that on purpose. (though on a personal note, i do wish we had some form of endless alert for steel path)

We know. The problem isn't the part that it ends, it's the part that it ends in the middle of an Acolyte fight. Having an Acolyte spawned should prevent the mission from ending, we lost at least 2 Steel Essence and an Arcane every time the mission ends with an Acolyte present.

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