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RAILJACK endo vanishing


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Just wondering why does the endo i loot from corpus ( spy mission from veil proxima, but it happens regardless of mission ) during mission vanish on the end of mission, like looting 60 endo and getting 2X600 endo in bonus reward but in final screen only the 1200 are awarded not 1260 as it should right ?.

I know 1200 is fine plus i get a tons from railjack parts recycling so what's 60 endo that vanish right ? well, they vanish, that's the problem.


Have a nice day [Digital GoodEnough]

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Yeah i get it you been busy building up a brand new cash shop and reskinning the same old stuff but still just as a reminder ENDO looted during railjack missions are still vanishing and only the generic end mission " rewards " give endo .... it's not like we needed a buttload of endo to level up mods,

oh wait maybe i could sell a kidney to buy me some endo !?

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