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Looking for active members to join our active and growing clan based in Australia/Nz

we are a friendly bunch with an active welcoming Discord, always different squads online running all types of content and with vets keen to answer any questions you may have.

Discord is welcoming with multiple full squads running so easy to group for things you enjoy,

while finding it difficult to find an Aus/Nz clan we decided to make our own, it has grown rapidly with 50+ members, multiple squads, and others online on discord also.

we are very active and easy-going, enjoy all content Warframe has to offer, any MR or skill level are welcome to join, we have a mixture of new and experienced players from rank 1-30 and returning players with a wealth of experience, which is helpful for any questions.

if your OCE or INT and would like to join a close-knit clan please use the link below 

Once you join the link below, please introduce yourself and I can invite you to the clan and official discord, if you have any questions please let me know

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