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Certain color palettes have become desaturated

(XBOX)Etch The Mad

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All palette thumbnails (same pictures used in the Market) in the Palettes tab remain unchanged.

Classic, Easter, Halloween, Shamrock, Smoke, Tenno, Valentine, Classic Saturated, Daybreak, Fire, Grineer, Ice, Infested, Storm, and Twilight palettes have become desaturated and no longer match their own thumbnails.  They have also lost any 'favorite color' stars in the palette themselves, except for True White #FFFFFF (255,255,255) and True Black #000000 (0,0,0).  The favorite colors from those palettes remain unchanged in the Favorites tab.  e.g.  The Halloween green and red I've had favorited for years still look the same in my Favorites tab, but now they no longer exist in the Halloween palette.

Beach, Cherub, Eminence, Gamma, Hallow's Eve, Jade, Ki'teer, Orokin, Potentia, Pride, Spektaka, Transmission, Twitch, Corpus, Dojo, Eximus, Lotus, and Tenno II are unchanged and match their respective thumbnails.

These are all of the palettes I own/ can preview, there may be others affected.


Screenshot comparison between Gamma (left) and Classic (right).  Somehow Classic is now less saturated than its own desaturated counterpart.  There are no color settings I have that can do this, so I'm confident it's not on my end.

Thanks, good luck with New War, and I hope this gets sorted soon

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