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With Sentinel "Regen" Mod, no 4 seconds of invulnerability in Steel Path Grineer


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I was in Steel Path Grineer survival about 20 minutes in.  My sentinel had already used up its Regen so it was listed as "dead."  That's fine and expected. Then I died and my sentinel automatically came back (also fine and expected) but it was then completely dead _in literally 2 seconds_ even though the sentinel should have had 4 seconds of invulnerability after Regen.    You can observe the health of the newly reborn sentinel was going down 3 times fast from enemy damage and then dead in seconds.  So Regen is giving three lives in quick succession with no invulnerability in between.

My hunch is that I was being pelted by grineer rifles from all sides and the sentinels Regen invulnerability did not have time to kick in at all and then the sentinel lost all three of its lives in a matter of a few seconds. Without the invulnerability from Regen, the sentinel mod doesn't work as intended.  This happened many times in Steel Path survival: not just this one time today.  Love the game but this bug is frustrating.  It renders the Regen mods pointless.   thanks

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