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Failed mission after killing sister & another teleported to locked room


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Attempt one, launched to space (in archwing mode) after parazon finisher on sister, mission failed slapped on screen.

Attempt two, sister teleports to a small locked room with a sliver of health left and dies there. Tried to get in but who knows if there even is a way (speaking from past experience with unreachable things on tilesets). After a while she leaves and graces me with a third mission. These are the kinds of experiences that burrow deep into the back of your mind. Time passes and eventually you may not remember details or even the incidents themselves, but a general feeling/image created by the essence of them remains.

Attempt three, no issues. Yay. I may now enjoy fusing my shiny new 26% detron to my existing 29% detron. Now let's see if the 40-50ish sister candidate would kindly offer the last weapon I'm missing. Wouldn't argue against ephemera 2 on sister 18 either. Exciting times ahead.

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