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I Saw Some "out-Event" Elite Crewmen


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And i saw them in a Derelict mission... strange indeed but i saw them and i thought this:


It would be nice if they may add those to the normal missions too but they might use one or two tweaks, especially on telegraphing.

I'm not talking about the Gradivus dilemma, let's forget about that for one moment and think about playing the normal game with those guys around:


In the moment they see you, you're already shot with almost no time to see them especially when they hide behind some barrier (boxheads all look the same), the stream deals high damage on it's own, even higher than fusion MOAs which as you know they at least have to approach you in order to attack while those Elite Crewmen guys can shoot you from the other side of a large room, which is a way longer range than the "claimed" 25 meters of the flux rifle used by the players, and with no telegraphing it can become an issue.

The fact they are "more fragile than grineer" is no excuse becuase it's like saying that Nova is a balanced frame: considering the DPS, the very short time lapse you have to take cover, and the incredibly long range of those units, the low resistance doesen't make a real tradeoff since most of the times those units aren't "alone", and on top of that we all know how this game has a thing for "nonsense respawns" so imagine that you're taking cover from some flux rifle corpus hiding behind a wall along the path and another one (or even two) "magically" respawns behind you, how long would it take to tear you down ? would you make in time to kill one of them or find another cover or kill both while dealing with everything else at same time ?


Yes, i know the Grineers have heavy units but there is a difference between heavy units and flux rifle corpuses:

The Heavy units have some kind of "telegraphing", or at least have a way to warn the player or give it even a small time lapse to can do something like running away or taking cover, Elite Crewmen don't.

Heavy Grineer gunners have a spinup time, bombards and Napalm have mid-low firing speed and a projectile that requires a "travel time"; Elite Crewmen Corpuses have nothing of this, it's like having a heavy gunner shooting at you max speed without spinup from the very other side of the room with pinpoint accuracy and no bullet spread.


Again, i would like to have new content in the game and the Elite Crewmen don't make an exception, but is undenayable that they could use some tweak on theyr difficulty balance, especially considering the fact they aren't been used much and as conseguence they aren't been "tested" much eighter.


My suggestion would be about giving some kind of "telegraphing" to Elite Crewmen, some kind of "time lapse" or "warning" like some kind of sound that may hint theyr presence so at least a player can spot or know those Elite Crewmen are there before to be "streammed", or lower theyr damage to a Fusion MOA laser beam while reducing the range (which might be higher than a Fusion MOA anyway).


As i always say: a new challenge is good but it has to be balanced and give a chance to the players to can deal with it, unless it's a challenge for masochists or hardcores only.


(Now waits for leet players insults)

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For the past two Derelict missions I did, each one was invaded by the Grineer (we opened the vaults at the very end, and no these weren't Corrupted).


Not sure if this is a bug or RNG luck. (Just a little fun fact of the day)



I'm not too ragefaced about the Crewman, only that they have a damn near high range and DPS almost comparable to the Scorches.

They should have only one, and I'm talking about the range, not the damage. :L

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They've only been used in three situations (in chronological order): Arid Fear, Derelicts, and the Gravidus Dilemma. In the normal game, it's only when the Corpus invade a Derelict. Honestly, since they're used as much as fine china or mom's silverware (that is, only on special occasions), I don't really see a need to tune them down. It's a nice little curve ball they throw at us to keep things interesting. And yes, they hurt like hell, and I've been taken down by them more that once. But even so, they're a fun bit of texture in what's an otherwise pureed meal.

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/Brings up Eviscerator 



I'm sensing that the nerf that happened to those BAs is going to happen to these crewmen as well. It makes me sad, finally we feel something that's OP on us with a gun that we use...again. However, they are a taaad bit much, and do need a nerf. Do to them what happened to the Eviscerators and it'd be fine.

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