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Empyrean levels and consecutive runs


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Did a railjack survival, goal was to level Nechramech and the Arch Gun. Mech was roughly lv 6 (guessing cuz all I remember is it was under lv 10) Got the Mech up 16+ during the mission, meaning I was using the 4th ability.

On extracting to Clan Drydock, affinity on rewards put me at 20+, again don't know exact number. It did max my Arch Gun, which I changed the mods on. Most noticeable was changing it from just heat to viral.

Went from Dojo Drydock to an Orthix mission. Doing my objectives and I make it to the orthix. Use my nechramech and try to use my 4th ability. Game tells me the ability is not unlocked. I glance at the level to see it is lv 6 or 8, meaning I no longer have my 4th ability. Failed the mission.

On being kicked to dojo, my Mech's levels were back to 20+. I checked my Arch gun, it still had Viral status so it seems to have remembered the changes I made too.

I believe once you clear a mission, it should be remembering your levels. I suspect the bug is pulling my Character/Nechramech data from when I started the first mission, when doing consecutive missions. This is even after returning to Dojo between mission, otherwise I could not have customized things.

I have not tested to see if it remembers rewards off consecutive runs, or if it only remembers the first. I am unaware of what condition needs met, though I would guess it's returning to Orbiter, to be able to have your progress properly carry over from mission to mission instead of resetting to the state of the first mission.

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