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Mark relic rewards for weapons that you already have mastered and/or already selected in endless runs


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It would be very nice if relic rewards were marked in two ways:

- Case 1, you already picked this component earlier in the Mission, for example in survival or other endless fissures. In long runs you can sometimes easily forget if you already took a certain piece that you needed if it comes up again. These could be marked as "currently carrying" or similar until the Mission ends and they are officially "owned".


- Case 2, it would be good to show the "mastered" Icon on parts of weapons/frames you already own and have mastered, or even Show 2 columns, one showing If/how many you own the weapon/frame and one showing If/how many you own the component itself, this might be confusing though so going with the Mastery Icon only is better i guess from a clarity Side.

 Sometimes i see two rare parts, and cannot recall if i have one of the 2 weapons already mastered/owned so i just have to guess and miss out on a Part that i actually need for a weapon that i want to build, and instead get one i dont need for a weapon i already have


Is there a reason im Missing this is Not being done?

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