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New Warframe, Cowboy-Like Warframe, And Maybe Pirate Too.


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I've seen all the warframes and their gameplay style, but I want one that is like a cowboy, that's right! I want to see a cowboy tenno with aklatos in his pockets, a cool scarf(the sydana thing) that looks like a western clothing, a helmet as a hat, and I want this warframe to kick &#! while riding moas.




1-fire burst- warframe instantly shoots 5 blasts in a second, similar to how in the west they say go and start shooting as fast as you can.


2-Moa ride-summon a hacked or engineered moa to come to you and ride like crazy, moa can crush enemies in front and provide you extra sheilds.


3-rodeo- like moa ride, but have a giant robo-bull crash in and bust everything.


4-cattle drive-like back then you would drive a herd of cattle somewhere, instead, we have robo-bulls running everywhere and killing everyone.


This is my short-term summary of why a cowboy warframe would be good, try to add stuff in here.

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