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Hey DE, can we get some decent pistol skins for our kitguns?


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Frankly, with how the modular system works, it is not entirely unheard of to end up with a preeeeeetty ugly kitgun. I've made a good handful and they have always come out pretty ugly. It's just the nature of modular since it's fitting a bunch of wildly different parts together for what you want.

Now lets get to the way to fix it - skins! Obviously, if you have an ugly kitgun, you're going to look at the skins you can put over it that will make it look a little less, yknow. But here's the problem.


A lot of these either color badly, look extremly weird, or just outright don't match the aesthetic you're going for with the frame. Especially since the Oscira & Stratus pistol skins literally look like they were Halo rejects.


Perla is the best looking visually, but also has extremely bizarre coloring that makes every color VERY deep. Which is something only a handful of frames are able to match, let alone have a frame skin match.


Nusku on the other hand... It looks, well, inappropriate, if I'm being honest.


Ands finally the Zundi! Which literally is a freaking Halo machine gun.


So what we ended up with is a severe lack of pistol skins usable by Kitguns that look decent, or at the very least actually fit in with the aesthetic standards of the majority of the guns. Especially considering most of the other guns in the game look, well... Like guns. And not like something you could use to shepherd sheep with.

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