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Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs Stacks not working properly


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TYPE: In-game
DESCRIPTION: Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs stacks are added or removed inconsistently
VISUAL: https://youtu.be/fTbqxTHg7Nw  Timestamps in the description.  Ignore potential visual "glitches", Chroma key was on without noticing.
REPRODUCTION: Hitting heatshots at varying Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs stacking buff durations
EXPECTED RESULT: Stacks should be added. Stacks should be removed one at a time when timer expires.
OBSERVED RESULT: When timer duration is higher than 10 seconds it tends to work correctly, when between 8 to 10 seconds it tends to increase stacks up to 4 but no more than 4 (HARD TO REPRODUCE), when below 8 seconds it tends to reset timer but does not add stacks, when below 5 seconds it tends to reset the timer but REMOVES a number of stacks often down to 2 stacks. When timer runs out all stacks are removed (unlike other Galvanized modes such as the multishot ones).
REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens very often and very noticeable due to low duration timer.


This is a literal copy/paste of my own post because despite having a video attached, it seemingly never got seen by anyone and the bug still persists, greatly reducing the usefulness of this mod, anyway all relevant information is there with a video and it's incredibly easy to reproduce. Even if the current mechanics unique to this Galvanized mod are intentional, they should be changed anyway  because there's no reason for players to lose stacks when killing with headshots and the duration should be addressed (not sure why the mod with biggest effort involved has the worst timer).

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Each stack seems to be running on its own independent timer(e.g. the timer for the first stack continues to count down even after you have a second one) and the hud display is only being updated when you gain a stack or the timer for the most recent stack runs out. The issue with the stacking mechanic means that you need to get a headshot kill at least once every 2.4 seconds to stay at max stacks. The other galvanized mods need to be triggered once every 10 to 20 seconds to stay at max stacks. 

I would really appreciate this being fixed. As is, Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs aren't reliable enough to consider using over other crit mods.

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I figured the stacks disappearing all at a time was something intentional since galvanized scope was based on argon scope instead of impact point, who has a limit duration on the buff.

Now, the problem is, past the added difficulty that aiming strictly for headshots brings, making all stacks dissapear simultaneously brings a considerable decrease of value for the mod, being than unlike all others you can't bring it from one room to the other so to speak, and you have a chance that it won't even last you an entire fight, suddenly making it the worse choice.

I would suggest this worked like the rest of the galvanized mods and the stacks remain dropping one at a time when the original one doesn't or they remake this mod based on impact point to make it a balanced and viable choice that doesn't come with a player side skill requirement as it does right now.

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