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Haven't played since the start of Railjack.



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vor 7 Stunden schrieb Iltempered:

Literally built my railjack and never took it out, what have I missed?

I was literally in this exact spot 2 weeks ago.

So, what I found is new,

-is Railjack. Seems it's now the second version, so we avoided the first one.

-Then there's Corpus Liches, as was already mentioned.


-And there's the new open World on Deimos.

There's a new vehicle, a Mech. You can get yousef one, and should, since there are a few railjack missions, were your Warframe get's shut out. So it's ither Operator combat, or Mech combat.

One of the mechs, called Voidrig, seems to have an exalted gun, which seems to be the highest DPS weapon in game. So it's generally worth.

And it seems we are relativly close to the next cinematic Quest, so the next big content heap might be rather close by.

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