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Donating Max Ranked Kubrow/Kavats To Master Teasonai For Cetus Standing


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Been recently clearing out the Hounds in my foundry and levelling them up to passively get some Fortuna standing, and the idea just occurred to me. We can donate Hounds/MOAs to Legs, Predasites/Vulpaphylas to Son, so why not allow players to donate fully leveled Kubrows/Kavats to Master Teasonai in Cetus? Logically it makes sense for him to be the one to take in the base pets of Warframe, and it'd be a smart way of retiring the nebulous "Consign to the care of The Lotus at the cost of 25k Credits" by making it a more meaningful "Donate to Master Teasonai for 4,000 Standing". 

It wouldn't become a replacement for doing regular bounties on the plains, but for folks wanting to free up some slots or those who have the resources to keep breeding more pets, it gives players an option to earn some Cetus standing while playing the rest of the game, much like you can with Solaris. 

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On 2021-09-01 at 9:15 AM, Dauggie said:

are those 2-3k standings that rare to get? just do one bounty you'll get unvaulted relics and stuff.. 

Sure, but like I said, there's times where I'm either cracking those relics or levelling up weapons/frames or doing Lich/Sister hunts, and being able to still earn some Cetus standing while doing those would be a positive feature. DE already allow players to earn standing outside of the open worlds with freeing captured Solaris on ships/in the granum void, so this would be another step in that direction for the other open world factions. 

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