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Make Pets/Companion/Sentinel/Kubrow/Kavat/Vulpaphyla/Predasite Abilities Mod as Innate Abilites.


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Instead of having their abilities as Mods, that consuming Mod Spaces, made it as innate abilities, so player have a room for other mods that help with the Pets/Companions Survivability or Adaptability for our gameplay.

and for Pets/Companions Abilities Rank Up made it Like Warframe Abilities rank up, That Rank up By their Level, rather use Endo & credits, and its made more sense, since Kubrow/Kavat/Vulpaphyla/Predasite are BORN with the Abilities, and Not Made for the Abilities like MOA & HOUNDS, not mention each abilities are unique, that can't be shared between pets/Companions (Except for MOA & Hounds since they are ROBOTIC so its made sense they can share between models). 

and for Sentinel, They like Cross Between Robotic + Infested, they should have innate abilities instead of Ability mod.

and the complimentary ability mods we buy from Cephalon Simaris/Son are like Augment mods for them.

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The biggest issue with this is that having mods for pets (not just sentinels as other pets do actually use this sytem) is actually very important:
The order of the mods is the priority of the actions.


For example:
You have Wyrm Prime equipped
You have the the ability mods in the order Assault Mode-> Negate -> Crowd Dispersion
What this tells the sentinel AI is "Fight all enemies in 30 meters, if no enemies are around or weapon is reloading then negate then crowd dispersion"

If instead you put "Negate -> Assault Mode -> Crowd Dispersion"
This tells the sentinel AI "Clear status ailments if needed, then fight enemies within 30 meters...." and so on.

This can make a huge difference in how and when its abilities are used and whether it is actually useful or not.

Further I actually enjoy the ability to be able to decide whether my sentinel attacks enemies (and therefore draws aggro towards itself) or doesn't (and therefore is much more likely to survive)


The ability to do that is simply way more beneficial and useful then getting a few slots from not having those default abilities take them up.
Beyond that though if it happens anything like when warframe abilities became baked in we would lose two slots as a tradeoff so that they would have 8 slots to put mods in, just like frames do, meaning you would get less out of this than you think you would.

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No, it is actually really nice to have a sentinel that doesn't deal damage.

I also wouldn't like having to apply at least 3 more forma to make my pets/sentinels maxed out again. I've got 5 pets close to or fully maxed the way I want them for fun/use. I don't feel like burning more forma on them.

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No thanks. It's nice to remove abilities I don't want, and to have the pet prioritize the ones that I do.

The best solution is for beast companions to get separate modding for their "weapons" like all other companions do. After that you'll have plenty of room for survivability/utility mods if you also want them to do damage. As IMO if you're not modding for damage, all companion builds pretty much fit everything you'd want on them.

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