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Tennet Detron Primary Fire Multishot Bug


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Projectiles created by multishot buffs on Tenet Detron use the Vanilla Detron's stats.

So they have 40 base damage plus the progenitor damage bonus (which scales off of 40 base damage on the multishot projectiles) and significantly worse crit stats.

The alt-fire is unaffected by this issue and functions as expected.



Video is using a 60% Magnetic bonus Tenet Detron. Cloned Flesh has no damage modifiers to Radiation or Magnetic. You can see several projectiles do 42 damage, which is expected (26 x 1.6 = 41.6 which rounds to 42). Others do 64 damage, which means is has a base damage before progenitor bonus of 64/1.6 = 40.

You can see that all of the projectiles from the alt fire do the expected 42 damage, showing that it is unaffected by this bug.

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